How I Got Pregnant Quick

Around August of 2018, I found out I was pregnant for the first time! We considered ourselves fortunate to have a baby, but it wasn’t long that we found out we had had a miscarriage.

We struggled for several months with the loss of our baby, but in the past couple of months, we started trying again. These products helped me conceive in both pregnancies!

HerbTheory Female Fertility

I took HerbTheory’s Female Fertility tablets religiously, when trying to conceive. These supplements are meant to encourage conception through natural, Earth ingredients. I took two tablets each morning with breakfast, and I never experienced any side effects.

I am firmly convinced that this supplement helped me get pregnant as quickly as I did. We had tried for months before I tried this supplement, to no avail, but when I started taking these tablets regularly, we fell pregnant that month! This has happened twice now. I highly recommend this dietary supplement to anyone looking to get pregnant.

HerbTheory does make a male supplement, but we did not try it. If you have, I would love to hear about your experience!

You should consult your doctor before ever taking dietary supplements. Not all dietary supplements are safe, and this should never be used in place of Prenatal Vitamins.

EASY@Home Ovulation Tests

I love EASY@Home Ovulation Tests because they are so cheap, and they come in bulk. If you are trying for several months, this pack will be good for you. I never bought ovulation tests at retail stores, like Walmart, because they end up being as expensive as pregnancy tests. Since most women trying to conceive use ovulation tests daily, it is crucial to find an affordable brand.

It took me forever to figure out how to use Ovulation tests. If you’re a pregnancy noob like me, I’ll break it down for you! As soon as you have your period, you start taking ovulation test daily with first morning pee. When the test line is as dark and the control line, you will ovulation within 24 hours.

You can get 100 ovulation tests for $17!

Pre-Pregnancy Pack

With my first pregnancy, we did not use the One A Day Pre-Pregnancy Pack, but with this pregnancy, we did. It might not make a huge difference in conception, but I felt like the additional vitamins from “Dad” helped with a good start. I would recommend this to anyone who is trying to conceive.

These are the Prenatal vitamins I take, as well. You can get the single pack here. These are more expensive than some brands, but these vitamins also have more important ingredients like, zinc, Folic Acid, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D.

If you do not use this supplement, it’s okay! Just make sure your supplement, contains all the necessary vitamins for a healthy pregnancy.


Avoid Ibuprofen, Aleve, or any of NSAIDS when trying to conceive. NSAIDS can temporarily reduce fertility and cause miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Start your pregnancy diet now! No, don’t gorge yourself with ice cream and pickles, but instead, start eating and drinking vitamin rich foods. I started drinking a yogurt smoothie every morning when we were trying. This gave additional calcium that I would need during pregnancy. You also want to cut out alcohol and excessive caffeine. Eat more veggies, too!

Get medical issues sorted out before getting pregnant. I had a herniated disc when I got pregnant. Very few doctors will treat a pregnant woman, and this can make life very hard.

Good luck and happy conceiving!

The Reality of a Miscarriage

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This post will not be like my usual blog posts. This post is real and raw. It hurts to write, so I must tell my story.

Did you know that 40% of pregnancies end in loss? Such a depressing statistic that has been looming over my head and in my heart for the last 4 months. Our pregnancy ended in miscarriage this September.

The 6th of September was the most exciting moment of my life thus far. I would see my sweet baby, and I did, but he was dead. He? Did I know the gender? No, but I wanted this baby to be a boy, so I decided that’s what I would call him from that day on.

We didn’t have a support system; I was our support system.

Our baby was 8 weeks and 4 days when he stopped growing. I got to see his tiny finger nubs, his little legs, and his big head. He was cute, and he was mine. You see, I had never had an ultrasound before. I didn’t realize there was supposed to be a heartbeat, so I sat their grinning at my little bean without even realizing we had already lost him.

I hadn’t felt my heart in my throat for so long, but in that moment, the familiar feeling of middle and high school rushed back to me. “I’m sorry,” the nurse murmured, “let me get the doctor.” I didn’t understand, yet, but I would.

The doctor came in and explained to me that it wasn’t my fault, and I couldn’t have done anything to prevent it. I didn’t even know what “it” was until my OBGYN started talking. Realization rushed over me. “Oh,” I heard myself say.

I didn’t really experience infertility, but it felt like I would.

My husband was in the room, but I forgot he even existed in that moment. How would I tell my family? I had just announced my pregnancy to my family, two days before. My pregnancy app said I was probably in the green. My baby should have been okay, but I didn’t realize that there is no “green” in life.

I numbly had my blood drawn to ensure my baby really was gone. Life was hard for the following months. The medical bills made it harder. Before the bleeding even trickled away, medical bills started flooding in by the hundreds. “I have insurance,” I thought as I opened the fifth bill, this time for a follow up appointment that lasted 6 minutes – $400. We still haven’t paid them all off.

I knew it would be expensive to have a baby, but I didn’t realize it would be so expensive to lose one, too.

Maybe I had angered God, and he was punishing me?

Family and friends tried to be supportive, but they failed. For a week, people understand why you’re pulling away, but after a month, they don’t understand anymore. People will say, “at least you know the pipes work,” or “you can always make another one.” Even my own grandmother said, “next time don’t tell people so soon,” and, “I told you not to be using acrylic paints.” Just as there are rude people in every day, there will be rude people during loss. This trial attacked my spirit. My husband and I felt alone, and, in a way, we were. We didn’t have a support system; I was our support system.

A majority of people will not address your loss. It makes them uncomfortable, so they pretend it didn’t happen.

The hardest part of my miscarriage, however, was the seemingly infertility that followed. Though I didn’t really experience infertility, but it felt like I would. I was so afraid that I would never be able to have a child. I thought I might be too fat, too active, or too medicated. Maybe I had angered God, and he was punishing me?

It took me weeks to realize that I was really just another common statistic. Miscarriages happen everyday, and there is probably someone near you that is experiencing a miscarriage. If so, please be supportive of these mothers. They are experiencing intense pain, and they don’t understand why. Realize that this mother did not do anything to deserve this loss, and she didn’t do anything to aide it. Yes, she took her prenatal vitamins. No, she did not lift those boxes. It just happened. Bring her dinner and then leave. Let her cry. Do not say, “at least it happened early.”

Since that miscarriage, I have had 3 chemical pregnancies. I’ve struggled to lose “pregnancy weight,” even though I wasn’t very far along, and I’ve struggled with depression. It is not easy to lose a pregnancy; be kind to those that have.

If you have lost a pregnancy, it’s really not your fault. Don’t feel bad for missing work – some people miss 2 weeks. It’s okay. About a month into my grieving process, my husband gifted me this book: Grieving the Child You Never Knew by Kathe Wunnenberg. This book helped me immensely. I was able to process my thoughts and hear from those that have been through this. If your wife, sister, cousin, or coworker is going through a miscarriage, get her this book.