Insta-worthy Door Decor for under $50

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Hello, all! This week, I transformed my entry way! This was the one area that never really felt inviting, and it should because it is the first thing you see! I will share all of the products I purchased make this happen, and I only spent $48!

First, I purchase this Mainstays rug from Walmart. This week, all of my links will come from Walmart or Target. I got all items in store! It cost me $11.44.

This picture is from the Walmart website!

I have been a huge fan of the rug on rug concept, so that is exactly what I did! The second Mainstays rug is also from Walmart. I chose this one, for $19.99, and I think the rugs complement each other wonderfully!

You can pair any rugs together that you like. I specifically liked the “hello” rug, so I just picked a complementary rug that was inexpensive. I knew rugs could totally destroy my budget, so I looked at price tags before looking at patterns!

The bigger rug wasn’t even my in-store favorite, but I knew, in the end, I would only remember how much I spent.

Two of the decor items were completely free! No, they weren’t gift, but instead, they were found in the dumpster! I love dumpster diving, which is how I found the red table, and my faux fence.

The table was originally a black, with a faux granite top. It had dings and scratches, and frankly, it was ugly. I spray painted it red, years ago, and it has been a constant on my front porch ever since. If you don’t want to look for valuables in the dumpster (totally understandable!), keep your eye open as you drive down the road. There are tons of people that throw out perfectly good furniture that can easily be remodeled.

My faux fence was built from dumpster wood! I aligned pieces the way I wanted them to look, and screwed the pieces together with some wood in the back. It was that easy! You can make this with any scrap wood and wood screws, which most people have lying around. Right? Or is that just me…

Some people put up “Welcome” signs, but that was out of my budget. You can find really cute ones on Etsy! Here is an example. You can get this from $19.99 to $69.99, depending on the size that you want. Like I said, this was out of my budget, so I, sadly didn’t get to indulge in this decor… not yet, anyway!

This sign is by NativeRange.

I decorated the red table with pinecones that I found in the yard. I considered actually buying pinecones; can you believe it?! Thankfully, I was able to find these for free!

I purchased this Magnolia Farms Vase from Target, and filled it with greenery that I had around the house. In the spring and summer, I will fill it with wild flowers! This only cost me $10.

I also found a tiny, faux succulent in Bullseye’s Playground in store at Target. Sadly, I cannot put a link to this item, because it is an in-store exclusive. If you go to your nearest Target, I’m sure you could find something that would fit your needs! Here’s mine:

The succulent is inside a little mug that I made from a wine glass a while ago. You can get one like this on my Etsy page in a few days!

Lastly, I bought a glass wine keeper from the Dollar Tree. There are tons of awesome decor items at the Dollar Tree, and everything is literally a dollar or less! I got the little white rocks from the dollar tree, as well. In total, I spend $2.36!

I have noticed many Instagramers began decorating their doors and entryways months ago, but I just recently joined the trend. I didn’t think it was possible to decorate on a budget, but it was! In total, I spend $44.07!

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Budgeting on a Teacher’s Salary

Teachers make a fair salary, but we are far from wealthy, monetarily that is. My family relies heavily on my income, with my husband going to College and only working part time, budgeting is the only way we get by.

After some time, we have almost completely mastered the art of budgeting, so I am going to share some of our tips, tricks, and editable documents that you can use for your budgets, even if you aren’t a teacher!

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Some/All images come from – the royalty free collection of stock photos.

According to Every Dollar, which is an incredible app for tracking spending, we should only spend a certain amount of our income on food, housing, charity, etc.

If your budget does not look exactly like this, that’s okay! I know ours doesn’t. Some people have more debt than other, like student loans. My resources seem to be useful for every individual in every income bracket.

Bill Due Date Calendar

I create my Bill Due Date Calendar every month, depending on the bills that we have coming in. We put this calendar on our phones and on our fridge. This helps us keep track of what money is coming in and going out, so we know what we should and should not spend.

You can download the editable calendar that I use below.

I like to check my Bill Due Date Calendar anytime I make a purchase. With this method, I never overdraft anymore!

The amount we pay in bills varies by the month (sometimes even the week)! It is important to create a new calendar each month, if your bills are like ours. I tried to just use one “generic” calendar but I got confused and ended up overspending. For me, the extra effort makes a huge difference.

Spending Log

Do you remember the old school Check Book Register that came with a stack of checks? Some people still use them, but I prefer to keep a spending log on my phone or computer. I have recently discovered Anastasia’s digital log on Etsy. Hers is cute, functional, cheap, and reusable! It is a digital download that you can keep reusing month after month.

You can use this code DIYDIARY10 to get 10% off your order for this digital spending log! But hurry because this code is only valid until February 3rd, 2019!

Digit App

So this is a new one for me! I have recently downloaded the Digit App, which rounds up each of your bank transactions to create a “Rainy Day” savings. You can also create a “goal,” which you can save toward.

I was originally concerned about transferring too much out per day, but you can even set up a daily transfer limit. Unlike typical savings accounts, you can withdraw your money as many times as you want and as often as you want. You even earn 1% interest every 100 days.

My favorite feature, however, is that Digit will transfer money from your “Rainy Day” savings to your checking account if you are about to overdraft!

This app does cost around $3 a month after your first 100 days. At least you can see if you like it before you buy it!

I hope you find these tips useful, and I would love to hear some of your favorite budgeting tips! 

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