A Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Do we have any single ladies out there? My best friend is happily single. She loves going on dates, but she doesn’t need a man! She prefers to live life to the fullest, regardless of her relationship status on Facebook. Women like her are popping up everywhere, and rightfully so! With Valentine’s Day approaching, I will share with you a few fun Galentine’s Day plans that you can make your own!

Glam Up

Your ultimate goal is to celebrate yourself. Yes, that’s right! Celebrate your awesome self. Glam up!

My favorite thing to do on special occasions is shave my legs, give myself a quick Self Tan, do my nails, fix my hair and dress real cute. This might just mean glamming up to lay in bed and watch Netflix, or you might go out with other single Gal Pals. All options are fantastic! Just feel your best on your Gal-entine’s Day.

Go Out by Yourself

My bestie loves going out by herself. She always feels empowers, and enjoys spending time with herself. With self-love being so important, you should learn (if you haven’t already) how to spend time by yourself in public and have fun! You can practice this on February 14th. Treat yourself to a movie, a nice dinner, and some dessert. You deserve it. No one should be expected to stay home on Valentine’s Day just because you’re single.

Throw a “Singles” Valentine’s Party

A fun way to make the most of your single status is to throw a singles party! You can invite all of your single friends and do your favorite activities! Your friends and you might like hiking, so go hiking with a group. You might like games, so play glow in the dark volleyball with blaring music. You might even just like food, so throw a dinner party for your favorite friends. The sky is the limit for what you can do at your Singles Party!

Moral of the story, don’t be ashamed because you are single on Valentine’s Day. It is fun to be single, so make the most of it!

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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide for Men

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It’s that time of year again! For some of you, this Valentine’s Day will be the first in your relationship; for other, this will be another year where you adorn your man with what he truly deserves. This gift giving guide gives tips depending on the length and commitment of each relationship.

“We’ve only gone on a few dates”

So maybe you just started talking to your Valentine, or you’ve only gone on a few days. Do not worry! There are still tons of gifts that you can get him, without coming on too strong.

Bamboo Mug

This Bamboo Mug is useful, affordable, and masculine. Your Valentine will love this!

The North Face Ball Cap

This ball cap by The North Face is cute and classy. It has the affordable price with the high quality aspects of a name brand.

Gratitude Journal

This Gratitude Journal for Men is a great gift for any occasion, but it is also and incredible Valentine’s Day gift.

“We’ve been dating for 6 months”

Beard Grooming Kit

This Beard Grooming Kit is great for any man who likes to keep up his appearances. Though this kit is designed for beards, it can be used for any hair!

Survival Gear Kit

This TRSCIND Survival Kit is perfect for the outdoor man! It comes with a paracord bracelet, a compass, a knife, a fire starter, a flashlight with adjustable modes, including strobe, heavy duty pen, compact wire saw and wood cutter, emergency blanket, compact carrying case, whistle, a heavy duty knife, a credit card knife, and carabiner clip. Is that not a crazy good deal for only $30?

Date Night

Treat your man to a date night, your treat! Take him to dinner, a movie, and then coffee after. Go bowling and out for ice cream down town, or even take him to an amusement park! Get creative and have fun doing what you guys love to do!

“We’ve been together forever”

Engraved Yeti

Engraved Yeti’s are my go to gift! I am a Yeti advocate because their cups are high quality. Ice will stay in my mug for over 24 hours, and coffee will stay scalding hot all day long. That’s a winner to me! Engrave your man’s name into his new Yeti, and I promise, he will love it!

Fossil Watch

Fossil is a reputable brand that always puts out high quality products. This Fossil Watch has an antique and rustic look with a modern, leather design. A few years ago, I bought my husband a watch like this, and he loves it! Your man will love it, too.

Beats Pill by Dre

The Beats by Dre brand is incredible. The Beats Pill is perfect for parties of any variety, even just cleaning on a Saturday morning! I have earnestly admired this brand since they came out, and I have never been disappointed. All of my Beats products have lasted for over 5 years, with hard wear. I highly recommend this product.

Romantic Gifts

50 Things I Love About You

This can be a great way to express creativity and make your man feel like 100 bucks! The day of Valentines day, decorate his planner, his shoes, his tooth brush, his steering wheel, and even his laptop with little notes letting you know how much you love him and why you love him. There’s nothing like feeling appreciated!

52 Uncommon Date Night Ideas

Spice up your relationship with these 52 Uncommon Dates! Try a new one each weekend.

Love Vouchers

These Love Vouchers can be fun and exciting. Your man can cash in a voucher for a back massage or a night out without responsibilities!


Some of my teenage students asked to chime in some suggestions for this post. Here are some of their best suggestions on what you should get your man for Valentine’s day:

1. cologne
2. a nice t-shirt
3. football jersey
4. “open when” envelopes
5. chocolate covered strawberries
6. Edible Arrangements
7. gift cards
8. socks
9. a bae-cation (go on a vacation with your bae)
10. a massage

How do you plan on spoiling your Valentine this year? Comment below!