An Honest Review of Amazon’s Most Popular Linenspa Mattress

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Late last year, my husband and I were desperate to get a bigger bed. We jumped in and bought out first mattress in a box: Linenspa through Amazon.

I had done my research, and this bed had raving reviews. We gave it a shot, and for only $300! Here’s my honest review.

At first, I noticed this bed is on the firmer side. I prefer a plush bed, so we purchased a Lucid 4 inch mattress topper to go on the bed. Worth it. We love this mattress topper, and we have one on every bed in our house. I would recommend it every time.

I have a hard time with my back, so I was worried about buying an inexpensive mattress like Linenspa, but this mattress was pretty comfortable! It was an easy transition, and we loved using it!

Based on the reviews, I was concerned about a few things:

-Some reviewers claimed the bed came with bed bugs. We did not have this problem. Our bed was pristine, but we were careful to check before taking the bed inside.

– Some reviewers claimed this bed was too plush. We did not have this issue. My husband was pleased with the level of firmness.

– The mattress takes 24 hours to air up. This didn’t bother me. It was really crammed in that box!

All in all, we loved this Linenspa mattress, and for the price, we couldn’t beat it. We are still using it and nothing has changed 6 months later.

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