Create Your Own Pinterest Laundry Room for Under $50

Hey, guys! This week, I took on the task of creating my own “Pinterest Worthy” Laundry room. It was by far the worst room in the house, but now it is one of my favorites!

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Let me just warn you, our laundry room was pretty gross. It was disorganized and scattered in clothes. It is also the home of our cat’s litter boxes, so it was, at times, hard to glamorize.

The room itself wasn’t dirty, it was just terribly disorganized. So I headed off to Amazon, where every decorator can find his/her muse.

Amazon is an incredible place to bargain hunt, and that’s exactly what I did!

I bought:
pet food bin to hide eyesore paper bags ($16)
canvas bags to store and hide cleaning items on our shelving ($22)
curtains to match the color of the room ($11)

I re-purposed:
– a metal tin that I bought for a party months ago – similar to this, though mine isn’t this cute!
– a small side table – like this one
– a small wooden basket for dryer sheets – similar to this
glass jars to hide laundry detergent and softener containers

I recommend re-purposing as many things as possible, because this is where you save the most money. I never throw furniture, baskets, or bags away for this very reason!

I encourage you to look around your own house. What are you not using? How could it benefit you somewhere else?

I reorganized everything based on purpose and placed them in my canvas totes. This added decoration and organization to my otherwise drab shelving. It has also helped me out enormously when doing laundry! I know exactly where stain removers are, without digging through cabinets!

I put our dog towels in the metal tin. This freed up so much space in our cabinets that we could use for something else, and since we use our dog towels so often, it became far more convenient! I ended up sitting this on top of a side table that I smooshed behind the dryer. It ended up actually looking like a shelf, and I love it!

I put laundry pods and fabric softener beads in their designated glass jars. At first, I wasn’t going to put the dryer sheets in a decorative box, but it felt like such a waste, so I re-purposed an old box we had in our closet! It looks fab!

Last, but not least, I hung up curtains and new decoration (which I made from old fabrics and various sized embroidery hoops). It looked great so far!

I cleared out full laundry baskets, resolving to finally fold them punctually, and I rearranged the litter boxes (which I didn’t include in the pictures because who want to see kitty poo? No one!). All in all, I ended up very pleased with my “transformation.” There are some things I would love to accomplish, like a decorative wall-paper wall or new wooden shelving, but for now, this will be perfect. Until next time, happy DIYing.

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