12 Days of Christmas: What to get your pet for Christmas

I can already hear my grandma judging me, but I don’t have human children, so I get my pets Christmas presents!I know I am not alone in this!

If you are a weirdo like me, here are my pets’ favorite Christmas gifts. I know because they told me.

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To prove we are nuts, above is actually a professional photo of our cat. To be fair, though, this was taken when she was in the shelter. We adopted her the next month! You can’t tell me she doesn’t deserve a Christmas gift!

For our pets, we always get them toys and treats. Our cats really love these crinkly balls. They come in a 24 pack, but they will all be lost by February, don’t you worry. I also get them these Greenies treats for hairballs. They love them more than they need them really. It’s ridiculous.

Our dogs love to get these rawhide chews. We do not have delicate, gentle, soft dogs though. Our dogs all have beards and grunt when they eat, so you might want something like this if you have a dainty, lady-like dog. I do not buy Christmas themed treats, though. Often times, they contain harmful dyes that make our dogs throw up on the carpet.

Last year we got our dogs this gift bag, and let me say we absolutely loved it. It was worth every single penny. The toys also came in a really nice little tote that we still use today, even though the toys have long ago been buried or lost.

Yes, we are lunatics that buy our pets Christmas present, but we know we aren’t alone! Tell me below what you got your pet for Christmas!

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