12 Days of Christmas: DIY Perfume

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Perfume is so expensive, making this recipe a game changer. Big companies don’t want you to know how easy it really is to make your own perfume. All for less than $1!

This recipe should never stain your clothes, cause skin irritation, or wear off throughout the day.

For this, you will need:
 – 150 proof alcohol or rubbing alcohol ($0.88)
 – skin safe essential oils ($7)
 – Old perfume bottle

In a small bowl, you will start by adding 2 Tbs. of alcohol. Some experts say that Vodka works as substitute base. I haven’t tried it, but I think it would work well! I used rubbing alcohol because that’s what I had on hand. At first, there is an alcohol smell, but in a few minutes, that fades away.

At first, I considered using an oil base. This would be a bad idea because oil will stain clothes and leave your greasy all day. You will also want to avoid a water based because your essential oils will never mix with the base. Alcohol is the best base because it is inexpensive, it mixes well with oils, and most people already have it in their medicine cabinets!

After you have measure and poured your base, add several drops of your essential oils.The great thing about this recipe is it is completely customizable. If you like a strong perfume, you can add more essential oils and vice versa. You can even sell your perfume to make a little money on the side! 

After your essential oils and alcohol has been combined, pour your new perfume into an old perfume bottle and enjoy!

DIY Perfume

Easy, affordable perfume that you can make and customize at home.

  • 2 TBS Rubbing Alcohol (or other alcohol base)
  • 5-20 drops Skin Safe Essential Oils (I used Rose Essential oils!)
  1. Mix your rubbing alcohol and essential oils together, and pour into an old perfume bottle. Shake before use. Wasn’t that easy?

I get compliments on this perfume all the time, and I will be making some for a church fundraiser, soon. Seriously, this stuff is versatile! Comment below how you plan to use this recipe!

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