12 Days of Christmas: How to Make Your Own Christmas Wreath for Less Than $25

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If you love Christmas as much as I do, you have tried many a Christ mas craft. Also like me, you’ve failed at most of them. Right?

Gingerbread Houses usually kick my butt, as do most other Christmas craftiness, but a wreath, I can make. Today, I will show you how to make your own easy, cheap Christmas wreath!

All of my materials came from Hobby Lobby, where all Christmas items are 40% off! I love Hobby Lobby because of their wonderful discounts. On RetailMeNot, you can also find an additional 40% off coupon for one non-discounted item at Hobby Lobby.

This is the wreath I made:

Since Hobby Lobby’s website does not currently have many of the Christmas Items that the store does, I will use links from Amazon. I will try to make sure the items are as close to the ones I bought, so you can recreate my wreath, if you want!

For this wreath, you will need:
 –  Wreath Base ($6) 

 –Christmas Foliage Garland (This can be as cheap or as expensive as you want – mine was $7 from Hobby Lobby, but you can get it as low as $3 at Walmart!)
Decorative String Garland ($15-$17 – I didn’t use the garland in the link, but I love it! It would make an elegant, rustic Christmas garland!)
Christmas Ornaments ($6)
 – Hot Glue with Hot Glue Gun

Once you gather the items that you like, you can start assembling your wreath.

You will wrap the foliage garland around your Wreath Base. It is really easy; just fluff your garland as you go! 

After your garland is wrapped around your base and secured, you can move on to your decorative string garland. I did not wrap this around the base, because it was too short and a lot of the decoration got lost behind the foliage. Instead, I hot glued the bells and pine cone sections of the garland to the foliage. This worked very well! Don’t be afraid to use a lot of hot glue!

After the hot glue was dry and my decorative garland was in place, I started gluing my Christmas ornaments on. Mine blend in really well, which is what I wanted. I used deer antler ornaments that I found at Walmart for $3. It is important that you use ornaments that fit the theme that you are going with!

Tip: Use long strings of decoration, rather than a bunch of individual ornaments. Ornaments are hard to keep together if they fall off, but decorative garland works much better. 

I hope your wreath turns out wonderfully! If you liked this post, like, share and subscribe! Also, I would love to see how your wreath turned out!

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