DIY Make-Up Removing Cleansing Wipes

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Hello, all! I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday! Today, I will be telling you about my DIY Make-Up Remover/Cleansing Wipes. 

While I almost never wear make-up, it is handy to have a versatile, cheap, and organic make-up remover.  Since I don’t use it often, it is crucial that this stuff be cheap but effective, and it not only wipes away make-up, but any other paints, dirt, etc. that you might have gotten on your face (the struggle of a DIYer!). 

These facial cleansing wipes have 4 ingredients:
   1. cotton pads
   2. Organic Coconut Oil 
   3. Witch Hazel 
   4. Tea Tree Oil 

I always have these products on hand, so I did not actually have to buy anything to make my facial cleansing wipes! I chose ingredients that are gentle on the face but also work hard to kill germs and remove residue!

The Coconut Oil is dual action by moisturizing and removing residue of make-up, paint, or dirt, while the Witch Hazel and tea tree oil work hard to kill germs!

Make-Up Remover/Facial Cleansing Wipes
   1. cotton pads
   2. Organic Coconut Oil (2 TBS or less)
   3. Witch Hazel (2-3 TBS)
   4. Tea Tree Oil (10-25 drops)
Mix the coconut oil, Witch Hazel, and tea tree oil together until smooth. Poor over cotton pads and remove excess. Store your facial cleansing wipes in an air tight container. 

I hope you love this mid-week recipe! Like, comment, and share on facebook, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post over 5 products I CANNOT live without featuring coupons!

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