7 Ways to Make Your Pre-Loved Home Look New

According to the National Realtor Association, over 91% of homeovers look for a pre-loved home, rather than build a new home. This likely because of the many advantages of buying an older home. The timeline of purchasing a home is drastically shorter than that required to build a house. Though, new houses have a certain lustre to them, here, hopefully you can benefit from my tips to make your new-to-you home look and feel as new as it should.

I tried to make these tips beginner friendly, inexpensive, and quick! Enjoy!

7 Ways to Make Your Pre-Loved Home Look New

1. Paint

This seems obvious, doesn’t it? Though a good paint job can make an enormous difference, I am not talking about simply painting your living room. No! Paint the things that do not immediately catch the eye, such as your closets, your baseboards, and your window seals. These small details will make a huge difference in making your home feel new!

We also painted many of our ceilings! It was tedious, a bit messy, but totally worth it! We did this on the ceiling our carport, as well.

2. Update Hardware

One of the first things we did in our new home was install new door knobs and cabinet pulls. We picked out affordable, yet durable, door knobs, cabinet pulls, and door hinges from Lowes. This completely updated the look of our hallway, kitchen, and bathroom for under $50. 

*I would never purchase door knobs or hinges from a store that does not specialize in home improvement materials. They will not likely hold up or work effectively. You will not save enough money to make it worth it!

3. Update Light Fixtures 

We updated the 70s style chandeliers in our living room, to replace it with a stylish ceiling fan. For us, comfort was more important that elegance in this aspect. It made a huge difference in appearances, regardless, and it made us much more comfortable!

We also added hanging lights in the hall way, the bedrooms, and the kitchen, instead of the standard recessed lighting that was originally in the home. I did not dispose of the original fixtures though! These things, though they are tacky, are antiques. 

We love the look and feel of the new light fixtures because they really updated the room.

4. Sand and Re-stain Woodwork 

Over time, natural wood becomes scratched and loses its finish. We sanded and re-stained all of our baseboards, window seals, and door facings. We picked a stain that was close and complementary to the original stain color. We were sure to use 240 or higher grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish. Be sure to go with the grain of the wood, sand until the wood is completely soft, and seal the stain with polyurethane. This gives a professional look to old wood.

5. Add Peel and Stick Laminate

Peel and stick laminate is AWESOME! There are so many options for any and all projects. We installed peel and stick laminate over the ugly linoleum floors in our bathroom. We bought this laminate from Lowes for less than $100! This laminate allowed for a natural tile  look because it could be grouted. We get tons of compliments on our floors. I would do it again and again!

There are even more ways to use peel and stick laminate, though. You can make an easy, waterproof backsplash, even with grout! You can even make a faux wood wall with laminate floor tiles. It is so popular right now, and so beautiful. It requires absolutely NO prep work! Just start sticking.

6. Refinish Your Showers, Tubs, and Sinks

We recently experimented with refinishing our shower, and we are in love! It has turned out so well that family members are begging us to refinish their tubs and showers. We bought this Bath Works Kit from Home Depot. With shipping and taxes, we paid a little less than $100. It turned out incredibly, and you can do this on any showers, tubs, or even sinks. It looks so classy and new!

7. Refinish Antique Hardware


We already talked about replacing hardware, but we don’t want to replace everything! Once we start gutting a house, it loses its antique charm. Instead of throwing out interesting pieces, try refinishing them! We redid our antique mailbox and outdoor light fixture. It was so easy, and it cost us less than $20! 

We used Rust-Oleum Outdoor Spray Paint. We restored details of the original mailbox that were no longer visible to create a beautiful antique piece in front of our house. We did this with all of the outdoor light fixtures as well, which were rusty and unappealing. When we were finished, our carport and porch looked brand new.

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